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Branch Barrier
Branch Barrier.png
Latin name: Claustra ex ramis
Item type: Construction
Obtained: Building
Alterable: No
Consumable: No
Defensive barrier


The Branch Barrier is a construction item.

Branch Barrier (Claustra ex ramis).jpg

How to create[]

The construction process involves using Add To Pile.png Add To Pile to create a supply of MindIcon DeadBranch.pngDead Branches, using Build ico.png Start Construction once you have enough dead branches, and then using Construct ico 128.png Build to actually construct the MindIcon BranchBarrier.png Branch Barrier.

You need four Dead Branches on a stockpile to start building the Branch Barrier.

The Dead Branches stockpile requirement can be reduced by learning the Building (NE 01) and Building Efficiency (NE 02) neurons.

How to remove[]

The Branch Barrier and the Thornbush Wall can be removed after construction by using the Start Deconstruction and Deconstruct actions. If you use these actions, the materials used to make the construction will be lost.


SenseIcon Thornbush.pngThornbushes can only be used for fortification. This should be taken into account when constructing defenses. Dead Branches can be used to construct Branch Barriers for defense but Dead Branches can also be used as weapons to Strike ico 128.png strike and Intimidate ico 128.png intimidate enemies. Dead Branches can also be modified intoMindIcon Stick.pngSticks orSenseIcon SharpStick.pngSharpened Sticks for even more offensive power. It may be a better use of limited resources to construct SenseIcon ThornbushWall.pngThornbush Walls for defense and save Dead Branches for the many other uses that they have.