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Black-Backed Jackal
Black-Backed Jackal.png
Latin name: Canis mesomelas
Temperament: Predator
Habitat(s): Canyon, Savanna
 • SenseIcon Carcass.png Mammal Meat

The Black-Backed Jackal is a wildlife item and a predator animal.


The Enemy Jackal.png Black-Backed Jackal is a predator found in packs. They can be found in the Region Canyon Icon.png Canyon and Region Savanna Icon.png Savanna biomes.


The Black-Backed Jackal is a relatively small animal that can appear alone but more often than not in a small pack. Don't let their size fool you! Care should be taken if you decide to engage in combat with one of these animals as you may be swarmed by a pack of them from all sides. The Jackal uses their small size and sharp teeth to quickly cause damage and can inflict Bleed minor ico.png Bleed major ico.png Bleeding. Being a smaller animal, it easier to Intimidate ico 128.png intimidate a single animal but a pack is harder. It is recommended to do so holding weapons or with a group of hominids.

If you do decide to attack, use the best weapons you can acquire. It is recommended to use SenseIcon SharpStick.pngSharpened Sticks first, MindIcon Stick.pngSticks next, and as a last resort rocks or hard tools. The more damage you can do from a distance, the better.

Being a smaller animal, it tends to take less strikes with wood weapons to kill this animal but it can take more hits with blunt objects to achieve the same effects.


The Enemy Jackal carcass.png Black-Backed Jackal Carcass provides SenseIcon Carcass.png Mammal Meat and when it is Butcher ico 128.pngbutchered. The carcass can be butchered once.

Interactions With Other Animals[]

When different animals get in close proximity to each other, they can attack and kill each other. Animals can fight each other on their own or you can cause them to move nearer to each other to initiate combat. Some of these methods are intimidation to scare them towards another animal, have them chase you and you run past another animal, or perform a dodge and the animal runs towards another animal.

When animals fight each other, a cut-scene will play showing one animal attacking and killing the other. There are a large number of Evolution Feats that deal specifically with trying to cause animals to fight and kill each other.

The Black-Backed Jacked is relatively weaker alone but in packs it can be an overwhelming foe against the larger animals it interacts with.

Can Kill[]

The Black-Backed Jackal can kill a number of animals. The Astute Dominator of the Jackal is the evolution feat that deals with the kills the jackal can perform.

Can Be Killed By[]

The Black-Backed Jackal is a formidable predator but its small size means it can be killed by a number of animals.


  • Jackals are best described as medium-sized wolf-like canids only to be found warm biomes; in-game, they're even smaller.
    • In the game, a jackal is about the size of a fox... strangely you can't be killed by a rhino but you can be killed by a fox.
    • In the real world, a single jackal would not go after a human by itself. A human would be too big and severe of a threat even for a pair of jackals.
    • In the real world, a Black-Backed Jackal would not be found in the desert or the Canyon biome. Black-backed jackals would live in the Savanna and Woodland types of biomes. However, Golden Jackals would be found in the desert types of biomes.
  • Fossil deposits have revealed that the Black-Backed Jackal is one of the oldest known dog species and monogamous.
  • In the real world, jackals are pack animals and normally aren't found alone. Their usual prey are insects, snakes, mice, and hares. They have to rely on pack hunting to kill larger animals. Nonetheless if a pack encounters a considerably lager sized animal that is injured, they would stick around until it is weakened enough to be overcome by the entire pack.
  • In contrast to the persistence hunter and the African wild dog with his hypercarnivorous diet, Jackals are considered omnivores; so give up your turnips, and they might let you escape?