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Aloe Leaf
Aloe Leaf.png
Latin name: Aloe folium
Item type: Tool
Obtained: Grabbing
Location(s): Aloe Vera
Alterable: Yes
Consumable: No
Source of Aloe Sap and Aloe Sap Paste


The Aloe Leaf is a tool item.

Where to find[]

SenseIcon AloeLeaf.pngAloe Leaf can be found on Aloe Vera plants. Aloe Vera plants can be found in the Region Savanna Icon.png Savanna, Region Canyon Icon.png Canyon, and Region Ocean Icon.png Ocean biomes.

How to obtain[]

The Aloe Leaf can be Grab ico.png grabbed from the Aloe Vera plant.


Aloe Leaf must be altered before it can be useful.