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African Agaric Fungus
African Agaric Fungus.png
Latin name: Afrae agaricus
Item type: Food
Obtained: Grabbing
Location(s): Ground
Liftable Rock
Alterable: No
Consumable: Yes
Reduces minor hunger and medicine


The African Agaric Fungus is a food item and a medicine.

Where to find[]

SenseIcon AfricanAgaricFungus.pngAfrican Agaric Fungus can be found in patches on the ground and on certain trees that are rotting away. African Agaric Fungus can also randomly be found under MindIcon LiftableRock.png Liftable Rocks.

How to obtain[]

African Agaric Fungus can be Grab ico.png grabbed from a patch of mushrooms.

How to use[]

Becoming Omnivorous - Mushrooms

African Agaric Fungus can be Eat ico.png eaten as food and medicine.

Eating African Agaric Fungus will give Non-Omnivore minor ico.png Non-Omnivore major ico.png Non-Omnivore until the Eumycota Food Acclimatization (OM 01) and Eumycota Food Acclimatization (OM 02) neurons have been learned.


African Agaric Fungus can be eaten to heal Food Poisoning minor ico.png Food Poisoning major ico.png Food Poisoning.

African Agaric Fungus can also be used for protection against food poisoning. Eating African Agaric Fungus while not afflicted with this condition will confer Food Poisoning shield.png Food Poisoning Protection.